About us

We, Sue and Colin Loxton, decided in 2004 to make use of our varied life experiences and sought new challenges, this led us to Treban in the Auvergne and a very tired, but potentially pleasing building, Le Champ Bouchon. Since then we have converted the entire accommodation to habitable and had many interesting encounters along the way, not to mention making many good friends who have often helped both physically and with French bureaucracy.

Sue & Colin

Sue : In England had been nursing for some years following an earlier career in pharmacy. The move allowed her to expand a passion for gardening and associated wildlife, and gain new knowledge in producing fresh produce for our table.
Colin : Having spent many years in construction following a first career choice as a craft, design and technology teacher to secondary age children. Started a small enterprise as a cabinetmaker / joiner which besides providing an income has been invaluable in improving his French language. His firm is called Tout en Bois.

Our four legged friends

Our three dogs, Tammy a Pyrenean mountain dog, a surrogate mum to Louis & Rosie, our young border collies.